MyFitnessPal and Keto


I have been using MyFitnessPal for years. I love that it is easy to use, they have mobile apps and a food scanner, and a new feature allows you to build a recipe from a website. Plus……IT’S FREE!

One thing I was struggling with was how to track my net carbs – I was doing it manually for months until I stumbled upon this blog:

Here, Caveman goes through all of the steps to configure your web browser to automatically calculate net carbs for you! What a life saver!

—— Best parts of site below: —————-

  • Set your macros properly:
    • My Home -> Goals -> Change Goals
    • Select Custom and hit continue
    • Set the Macros for keto. AKA Carbs to 5%, Protein to 35% and Fat to 65%
    • Set the total calories relative to your total burn.  Their estimate is decent but you can see below that it lists my BMR at 2620 and I have set my goal to 2000, so this is 620 deficit per day x 7 days = 4340 Calories. A pound is 3500 Calories so I have set myself up to burn 1.24 pounds a week.  You can adjust yours up or down according to preference.
  • Add fiber as a tracking column:
    • Food -> Settings
    • Under Nutrients tracked, add Fiber.  You should have listed at minimum Carbs, Fiber, Fat and Protein.  These are the most important to keto.  Personally, I also track Potassium but you can add whatever you want as the last one.
  • Add Net Carbs to MFP

The last thing you need to create a perfect keto MFP setup is a special script that adds net carbs to the measurement statistics:

  • Go to this link:
  • Install the script.  Note, because of the way Firefox and Chrome now work you’ll have to install greasemonkey (firefox) or tampermonkey (chrome) and then the script.  This is described in the link above.
  • Once the script is installed, and assuming you added the columns added above, you will have three additions to your MFP:
    • Net Carbs Column
    • Carb / Fat / Protein percentages for each meal / total
    • Pie chart showing percentage of calories for Carb / Fat / Protein

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